Kikimo Nishimoto is a Japanese grandmother of the age of 89 who 17 years ago has fallen in love with photography and since then has created and edited her own images.

Kimiko Nashimoto1

About ‘Self-portraits’:

While she mostly focuses on still life and nature photography, she has a series of hilarious self-portraits.After discovering her passion, Nishimoto decided to enroll in a photography course for beginners that her son was teaching. She soon fell in love with photography and began her journey to shoot some bizarre and comic self-portraits. Nishmoto held her first exhibition ten years later, in a local museum in her hometown of Kumamoto, and is now to exhibit her work in the Epson Epsite gallery in Tokyo.

This is a series of self-portraits that talk about everyday life in an ironic way. The elderly Japanese lady has created a real torment with this unique project, created something unique. This is a biography told through the images.

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