Kent Andreasen gives image to the concepts of travel and time

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Kent Andreasen was born in 1991 and was raised in Cape Town, South Africa. While traveling extensively, he remains based out of his home city. After graduating in 2013 from AFDA Film School where he studied Cinematography, Kent pursued a professional career in stills photography. His repertoire has been entirely self-taught with a sharp focus on perfecting the beginning to end process.

He considers photography an addictive media, enjoying throughout all the faceted process, including the one that has to do with the rather craft side. Photography is for him a tool that makes him assume developing roles, allowing him to appreciate a kind of self-growth, in accordance. He is active with the idea of shooting images that first of all satisfy his own gaze, making secondly the other pleased. 

About ‘Time’ – words by Kent Andreasen:

What I have presented are various imagery from around the work I have either shot on personal trips or commissions I have called the series “Time” as it simply refers to the work made over the last couple of months.

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29 April 2020
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