Kate Lee and Ria Suarez weave an ode to abstract and sensual forms

Kate Lee Still Flowing C41magazine Photography 10

This is an unpublished project premiered today on C41 Magazine.

Kate Lee is a still life photographer, based in Berlin. She was born and raised in Moscow. Her work is inspired by minimalism, nature, and geometric forms.

Ria is a Berlin-based set designer. Her work focuses on art and visual direction, creative consulting, and set design and styling for brand campaigns and publications.

About Still flowing – words by Kate Lee:

The project is a collaboration between Berlin-based photographer Kate Lee and set designer Ria Suarez.

Organic forms placed against fabricated elements — a juxtaposition. Objects with fluid, curved lines run through the images, contrasting the rough textures they are laid upon. This series is an ode to abstract forms. A beautiful use of common building materials along with found objects and kitchen ingredients; dried mushrooms, stacked rice noodles, and a slice of butter becomes ambiguous outside of their usual setting. All elements placed together form sculptural compositions.

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16 September 2021
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