Julien Babigeon is a self-taught French photographer. His parents having studied at the School of Fine Arts, the author grew up in an enchanting artistic universe, between oil painting and the darkroom. He naturally turns to creative disciplines and explores photography to capture astonishment through trivial things, reveal unusual details observed in everyday moments, in the grandeur of a landscape or the banality of an urban environment.

About YAZ – words by Julien Babigeon:

YAZ evokes the idea of abandoning reality to join an imaginary. In the heat and light of summer, time slows down. Everyone dives into a pleasant introspection until they fade away. Unusual images appear, tell us unreal stories, immerse us into the heart of the romantic beliefs of summer.

YAZ is therefore an invitation to take the time and get away from it all. It is the time of rest and contemplation in which a feeling of strangeness is distilled in small touches.