Josh Croll emphasizes the delicate fusion of man and nature

Josh Croll Fragmentary By Nature 13

Josh Croll is currently in his final year studying BA Comm Des Photography at The Glasgow School of Art. His work primarily focuses on documentaries, with an interest in the visual nature of how we understand social and political issues (more recently the asylum crisis in the U.K). He enjoys thinking through photography and considering the role of images in our current social world. He will be graduating this year, and hopefully moving abroad to work and live.

About Fragmentary by Nature – words by Josh Croll:

Taking its name from a 1979 essay by Luigi Ghirri, ‘Fragmentary by Nature’ explores urbanised space through the perspective of intervention, control, and the subtle authority that manifests in everyday city life. Shot in various European cities, the project is immediate in that it deals with chance encounters on the street; nothing is planned or preconceived. Shooting intuitively gives way to a speculative approach during banal moments of life, allowing them to take on deeper meanings through the photographic process. This work attempts to reveal some of the delicate fusions between man made structures and organic forms as we traverse the streets.

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5 May 2021
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