Jenny Kim is a photographer whose work focuses on women’s issues, familial relationships and aging. Her childhood fascination with people and how they think, grow and relate resulted in a BS in Psychology from UC Irvine. This fascination, combined with her growing interest in photography led to a career change and BA in Commercial Photography from Brooks Institute. Reflecting on her psychological landscape has been an integral thread throughout her fine art work. Jenny received her MFA at the Hartford Art School in 2020 and most recently was named as one of the British Journal of Photography’s Ones to Watch for 2021. She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.

About Making My Way to the Shore – words by Jenny Kim:

Making My Way to the Shore explores my life as a woman, without children, at the end of her fertile years. The window to my childbearing years rapidly closing gave me a newfound urgency to examine the cyclical nature of life and my family lineage, especially my maternal line. Anxiety and pressure mounted every month that I aged and was unable to conceive. My dream of motherhood quickly turned into a reality of infertility. Though common, the struggle with infertility is largely underrepresented – the process, the isolating feelings and the disappointment can be traumatizing. If I remain childless, I wonder if the void of missing out on the intricate experience of being a mother can somehow be tempered. Through a mix of landscapes, archival family photos, and my present day life, I am exploring my psychological landscape, place within my family, aging and the passing of time.