Originally from Manchester, UK, Jamie Hladky has lived and worked in London and Singapore and has been lucky enough to travel fairly widely over time. Living and traveling away from home for so long means developing a new set of visual understandings, and he has tried to do this through exploration and photography. He prefers to experience travel at a human pace, and so he walks and drives a lot. Once, he rodes the international rail network for over 20,000 km, all the way from Singapore to Manchester, to make the journey without flying, and to see what’s in between these two sometimes homes.

He’s now based in Canberra, Australia, spending his time trying to see as much of this huge strange country as possible.

About ‘ Silver City, Lode of Lead’ – words by Jamie Hladky:

Suburban homes in Broken Hill, New South Wales during rare desert rains. The megatonnes of lead-zinc-silver under this place founded billion-dollar corporations and funded modern Australia. This established an enduring national over-reliance on extractive industries. The town itself was prosperous in the 1970s, but declined as consolidation and mechanisation moved local labor out of the mines.