This is an unpublished project premiered today on C41 Magazine.

Jade Joannès is a French photographer born in 1994 in Epinay-Sur-Seine, in the Parisian suburbs. She graduated from the Paris Cergy National Graduate School of Art in 2019 and now works between Paris and Lille, mainly in the north of France. She has exhibited in various places, notably at the Villa Kujoyama in Japan, at the Galerie de l’Angle in Paris, as well as at Cergy and Vincennes. In 2021, she was selected as one of GUP’s Fresh Eyes talents.

In all of her work, she is interested in the concept of portraiture. It could be her family, strangers, places or things and explores the relationship between the photographer and the subject by questioning the medium of photography itself.

About A strange attraction – words by Jade Joannès:

“A strange attraction” is a documentary series started in 2019. It traces my explorations in my native region, the Oise and my region of residence, the North.
In a duality of places, between interior and exterior, private and public spaces, I went in search of anecdotes, details, and common similarities between these two types spaces.
Through silent photographs where only traces of human presence remain, I wanted to show several levels of reading.

I first focused on what was suggestive, in an emotional rather than rational way.
The objects and events come to life, they arouse intrigue, surprise, wonder, and send us back to our own imaginations, collective or childish.

Rationally, it is in the countryside and cities where objects accumulate, streets become dull and fields catch fire, that these photographs raise more engaged, social, cultural, environmental or political issues.

Theses images depict that marvelous and unsuspected side that we can find in the reality in which another more complex reality shows places in mutation, impacted by man’s action on his environment, whether intimate or common.

This series also questions the way in which images are perceived, by their multiplicity of interpretation and by their capacity to deliver answers or to pose some.