Inês Fernandes gives substance to the soul of her subjects

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Inês Fernandes was born in 1996 and she graduated in New Technologies of Communication at the University of Aveiro in Portugal in 2016/17. The course contained a Photography Module, which turned out to be the driving spring for her photographic journey.

Since then, she developed and deepened her knowledge with her own initiative, until she entered the Institute of Cultural Production and Image (IPCI) in 2017, to attend the Professional Course of Photography and then the Master in Artistic Photography which she ended in 2019. Her projects address contemporary themes and matters, that make her projects often centered on social and environmental issues.

In 2019 she worked at Jornal Público as a photojournalist, while she is currently working simultaneously in graphic design, video production, and photography as a freelance for small businesses.

About ‘Pneuma’ – words by Inês Fernandes:

From the very moment he is born till the day he dies, man oscillates between darkness and light. Going forward and backward, falling and raising up. But it’s in the glimpse of difference that he finds the strength that leads him through the way.

The on-going project started from the photographs of an archive. They were about a sole woman, sanctified by the people – mirror of so many other characters that through times have been nourishing the sense of believing of generations. From that starting point, the research turned into a fictional interpretation of reality, exploring faith and beliefs, together with their deep roots in our society.

The narrative is based upon the analysis of the transformation of life: how the path of a person influences the others, leading to beliefs and penances that turn themselves in hope. All along with the series, a number of situations are displayed. They show suffering, despair, obstacles, choices, rupture, change… That’s how the imaginary is established, bringing the viewer to a sensorial and spiritual world.

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17 February 2020
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