This project understands space as a constraint, as a frontier that needs to be crossed. I photographed Lys here as the main character and intended to illustrate such statement phases on one defined individual. How far We’ve Come stands for both a throwback on passed experiences and roads left untravelled. The constraint is therefore a tangible supposition, volatile, master of temporalities and fates.

Tanguy Troude is a French photographer and artist based and working in Paris. Tanguy’s work is instinctive, spontaneous, and sensitive, with a strong sense of vulnerability, lyrism, and deconstruction. He understands photography as fragments of experience, which he opposes to any sense of temporality, ensuring none of his photographs bears a definite relation to time. With the photograph as a dialogue, he encourages a slower, humbler and more sincere appreciation of the medium. His commissioned work includes clients such as Pierre Cardin, Des Motifs Studio, MAD Media, Dixmontel Festival… He has recently been shortlisted for Athens Photo Festival 2024, and published in Premiere Exemplaire Magazine.