10·Corso·Como, on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, opened the Gallery and Project Room, with spaces entirely redesigned by interdisciplinary agency 2050+, according to the vision of Tiziana Fausti. The cultural area of the new 10·Corso·Como focuses on the idea of a “selective archaeology” that, by removing materials and elements accumulated over time, brings the spaces to their original industrial character of the early 20th century. A series of self-supporting movable walls and large pantograph tables allow different solutions and volumes, grandstands will host talks and meetings, keeping up the idea of a hybrid Wunderkammer, but with a recognisable design and materiality.

Through a series of strategic micro-interventions, or micro-architectures, 10·Corso·Como rethinks its flows. The architectural renovations will cover the entire building and will be finalised in the coming months. The Gallery, which in its new look enhances the original ring structure with a double entrance, is hosting the exhibition of American artist Roe Ethridge, Happy Birthday Louise Parker designed especially for 10·Corso·Como and curated by Alessandro Rabottini, with more than thirty
iconic pictures and large-format works exhibited for the first time in Italy.

“I am proud to start the cultural program of 10·Corso·Como with a compelling and innovative reflection on the links between Fashion and Photography, Art and Design. The first solo exhibition in Italy of an international artist as Roe Ethridge, the rare excursus on the jewelry of the master of Abstractionism who was the Italian Pietro Consagra, and the curated selection of pieces of signature design, are in tune with my vision of the new 10·Corso·Como.”–says Tiziana Fausti.

The redesigned spaces of 10·Corso·Como will be open to a wide repertoire of possible uses and occupations, creating a vibrant and ever- changing platform where conversations about sustainability and human relations meet art, fashion and culture. Thanks to the experience and sensitivity of Tiziana Fausti, who acquired 10·Corso·Como in 2020, the ecosystem of Milan’s first concept store is evolving and looking to the future, ushering in the new phase.

10·Corso·Como was founded in 1991 in Milan. It fosters the concept of cohesion between
culture and the latest trends, helping to link up the worlds of fashion, design and
food. Viewed as having been the world’s first concept store, it transformed retail
into a fusion of lifestyle and fashion. By leveraging Tiziana Fausti’s leadership skills and business acumen, 10·Corso·Como is now taking full advantage of its evolution into a brand that symbolizes Milan and the best in Italian manufacturing and international creativity.