Guannan Li is a Chinese-German photographer based in Berlin. After studying journalism and media studies she worked in the creative industries which brought her to live and work across China and Asia for eight years.

She considers herself a documentary photographer with a lot of love for the authentic and seemingly mundane. She had also said that weirdness is close to her heart and that she loves capturing people, things and moments that just don’t quite fit – or in fact fit perfectly well.

About ‘China Glimpses’ – words by Guannan Li:

China Glimpses is a collection of street-photographs taken in and around China, in places that I feel a strong connection with. They’re quite personal places, many of which I re-visited and shot over the years. Instead of capturing a big China picture, I wanted to do the opposite – I wanted to capture details and fragments if you will. The series is like a window into an up-close and personal China – something that I’d gladly call my cherished, somewhat powdery memories.