Giuseppe De Santis was born in Bari in 1996. His passion for photography and for visual listening arose spontaneously from an early age, becoming intrinsic aspects of his expressive language. He will channel the results of his studies in architecture and philosophy, in the two-year photography course at the F.Project school in Bari ( ) which he attends from 2018 to 2020, where he will refine his sensitivity towards authorial and documentary photography. It pays particular attention to issues close to reflection on social dynamics and the relationship between urban and nature; he will therefore be dedicated to the production of photographic projects with a more documentary mold, passing through more authorial visual narratives, maintaining in each of his productions a certain presence of both languages simultaneously.

About Inesplorato – words by Giuseppe De Santis:

The suburbs saw me born and grow up. Periphery crystallized in an arrogant immobility, disturbing in its being accepted, confused or even not perceived.
The reflection originated from the proximity between this urban context to the nature elements of our ecosystem, has kept burning in me the strength to react to this cemented consciousness alteration. This reflective bond, in this way, also brings with it a kind of pressure, awakening in us  the real intensity to the ambition for harmony, and malleability.

“Unexplored” is then a path between forms and urban fragments immersed in the stillness, but which comes out confident to witness a gradual release of that dormant natural ambition: to see it free itself from fear towards its own intensity; finding his identity in the gaze essence of each of us.