Giorgia Bellotti lives in the province of Bologna, in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Since childhood, drawing and painting are the disciplines she prefers, but only a few years ago she discovers her most congenial artistic dimension in photography. Very close to her territory, Giorgia establishes an intimate relationship with her that will give her the impetus to start an artistic research focused on herself and her inner universe. 

Giorgia uses the self-portrait to see herself, heal herself, seek herself, without ever revealing her face.

About ‘Quarantine diary’ – words by Giorgia Bellotti:

I live with my son in a flat on the top floor of a building with a mansard roof. I do not like my flat very much, because it is not well-lit: the windows are small and high up, and so whenever I want to look out, I have to climb onto a chair. However, I can still see the sky, which has always been blue these days. I miss the mountains all around… the roads I used to drive along in my car with loud music and wind in my hair. Out there, summer is coming. Meanwhile, my days are all alike, and my eyes cling to details, contrasts, nuances, and what I love most: imperfections.