Gergo Farkas lets us smell the scent and spirit of the Greek air

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Gergo Farkas is a Hungarian born Canadian photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. Gergo’s photography often explores the urban environment, its inhabitants and their relationship to it and the natural world. His approach is meticulous with a cheeky peculiarity while embracing spontaneity. The playful interaction of these elements are at the core of his photographic practice and what drives him to keep inspecting daily life with his camera.

About Hellas – words by Gergo Farkas:

“Hellas” is a personal series capturing the character and peculiar sights of the Hellenic Republic. It was conceived over two separate trips to Greece. My wife’s family has strong ties to a fascinating and beautiful fishing village in the Peloponnese region of Greece where they spent much of their summers in their childhood years. We spent a month and traveled the region reuniting with her late father and family five years ago which served as my first introduction to Greece.

When you first arrive in Livadi, you notice the fragrance in the air. A thick mélange of sea salt, oregano, olives and an indescribable sweetness. You could taste it on your tongue. This sweetness is also present in the people who call this place home. We were treated like family from the day we arrived and I soon understood why her family returned here every year like migrating birds. Just breathing was energizing; everything resonating with colour. The deafening rattle of the cicadas providing the sonic backdrop to this sensory overload. I was warned, the Mediterranean is seductive beyond all expectations and steals your heart at once.

We returned for a somber occasion in 2021 after my father-in-law passed and we came to fulfil his wish to spread his ashes in his beloved village of Livadi. The village mourned with us and remembered their friend. A piece of our hearts forever left in the Mediterranean. I am sure we will return.

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22 November 2021
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