“So from their huge gorge the wastewater came out. But the significance of these monsters outside the churches had… a more metaphysical origin”.

The “gargoyles” represented the deepest fears of people, fears made tangible and originated from ancient legends such as “la gargouille”, a dragon that populated the Seine and sowed panic in Rouen. Those monsters were confined to a permanent exile outside the Gothic cathedrals to convey the idea that evil and outcasts could not reach inner salvation. However, over time those creatures assumed a different role, they were cheated by humans and they became the guardians of those sacred walls with the false promise of future access inside those nests. The relationship between “gargoyles” and the church is a metaphorical representation of the present situation between the youth and earlier generations, it is a portrayal of the failure of the pass of the baton between generations, between tradition and innovation.

Today’s society it’s a community where change is not always welcomed by older generations, and it is therefore difficult for young people to become masters of their own choices and lives. Despite these difficulties, the youth decide to lay the foundations for change, stimulated by a need for freedom, expression and growth. They decide to subvert established roles, to leave behind the guise in which they are forced by the elders and to be the proponent of an evolutionary process that does not deny the past but develops starting from it. These pictures are the starting point for an evolving project, an introspective lens between the real and the fantastic to let shine the emotions of youth.