Gaia Olga Bianchi between family reunions and narrative priorities

Gaia Olga Bianchi Reconciliatio C41magazine Photography 15

This is an unpublished project premiered today on C41 Magazine.

Gaia Olga Bianchi,Class ’94, originally from Colombia but raised in Rimini; she moved to Milan and graduated in Painting and Visual Arts at Naba. It was during the three years at the Academy of Fine Arts that she discovered the first potential of photography. Passionate about performing arts, contemporary art and curating she decided to enroll in the master’s degree course in Cultural Heritage of Ravenna, carrying out an internship for the university in an art gallery. After a difficult year full of new awareness, she left her university career to return to Milan, where she currently resides and is finishing her professional course at the Istituto Italiano di Fotografia.

About Reconciliatio – words by Gaia Olga Bianchi:

Reconciliatio it’s an ongoing project that wants to dwell on the moments and details full of symbolism limited to the intimate and family sphere. The project has started during Christmas 2020 and it will have Christmas 2021 as its deadline, because the intent is to bring to light the differences related to the family reconciliation of the first phase still in full Covid-19 pandemic and those of a second phase. After a year, totally different visions will emerge that will evolve from other points of view, I expect to see what the new narrative priority will be.

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14 September 2021
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