Franz Grünewald between brutalist architecture and glamorous facades

Geschäft »Japan Bonsai« mit Inhaber Todd Grand, Berlin Kantstraße

Franz Grünewald was born in 1993 in Plauen, Germany and he’s working and living as a freelance photographer in Berlin for 7 years now. He’s both working on assignments (editorial & commercial work, mostly portraits, travel, and documentary) and on free projects.

About Kantstraße, Berlin – words by Franz Grünewald:

In the shadow of the booming Kurfürstendamm, the Kantstrasse has been making its way into the western heart of the city of Berlin for over a century now, undeterred and without much fuss. A long strip of the everyday life between Chinatown and Upper West. Where glamorous old Charlottenburg facades and brutalist functional architecture link arms with one another casually and hint at their stories rather than to shout them out loud. For miles just pure nonchalance with perhaps just the slightest concession to curiosity at its very end.

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9 June 2021
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