Filipe Krug digs into the concept of self-expression during the quarantine

Filipe Krug At Home – Self Expression At Our Truest, Within Individual Spaces Photography 12

This is an unpublished project premiered today on C41 Magazine.

Filipe Krug, lives in a small town in Brazil. He started taking photos of friends and compositions around the city; 5 years later, he managed to buy his analog camera, which now he can’t live without. Today, he’s 19 years old, and he still takes photos of friends, family, and of course, from the outskirts of his city. He also worked with model agencies and other independent artists.

He sees his vision under construction, always trying to evolve and create his own traits, thinking that meanwhile we are living in a crucial moment in his country, where any art can be threatened, whenever he sees the result that he’s getting with his photos, there is nothing that can stop him from proceeding.

About ‘ Self-expression at our truest, within individual spaces’ – words by Filipe Krug:

Filipe is a 19-year-old photographer and model living in Brazil. During the quarantine period he took some photos with the materials he had, aiming to photograph the subject of himself and the space he is surrounded by.

The result was a series of photos that are close to his heart, a self-portrait project that reflects how we like to express ourselves when we exercise our artistic vision individually, with limited resources and in the spaces we find ourselves occupying at this crucial moment.

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25 September 2020
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