Felipe Romero Beltrán clearly speaks to us about Refuge Centers

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Felipe Romero Beltrán (B.1992. Bogotá, Colombia) is a photographer based in Madrid, Spain. Felipe focuses on social issues, dealing with the tension that new narratives introduce in the field of documentary photography. He focuses on long-term projects that approach social issues related to political conflicts in Latin America and Spain. Felipe is developing a PhD program on photography in Madrid, Spain and at the same time He is working for magazines as a documentary photographer.

About ‘Dialect’ – words by Felipe Romero Beltrán:

The migration crisis of the last decades has produced a massive flow of people to Southern Europe by different routes outside the European legal regulations. Each EU state enforces its own immigration laws to regulate and control the movements of the immigrants who enter their territory. Spain, due its geographical proximity to the Maghreb, has a particularly tension with irregular migration across the strait. If a person enters a Spanish territory illegally and he or she has not reached the age of majority, the custody and control of the migrant remains in the hands of the state. Such custody and control is exerted through a Refuge Center, an internment building that houses migrants in this condition.

Dialect(From Ancient Greek – dialégesthai, “converse with each other” and -diálektos, “way of speaking”)  is a work developed within a group of teenage migrants who have recently entered in Spanish territory without documentation. In a building designated by the government, the group cohabits permanently and carries out all necessary activities.

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26 February 2021
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