In its latest unveiling, Ferragamo’s AW24 collection married meditative calm with a monochromatic palette, underpinned by a distinctly military ethos. This triage of M’s serves as the cornerstone of the collection, offering a fresh lens through which the iconic fashion house reinvents itself once again.

At the creative helm for a fourth season, Maximilian Davis, weaves his Trinidadian heritage with the foundational elements of Ferragamo. Presenting a rich tapestry of designs that flirt with the dualities of concealment and exposure. It’s a testament to Davis’s visionary approach, playing with textures that traverse the spectrum from natural leathers and wools to artificial rubbers and latexes.

This exploration of contrast is not just a theme but a narrative thread, told through the juxtaposition of sheer fabrics against the luxurious embrace of wools and silks. Complete sheer looks offer a bold reinterpretation of vulnerability and strength, while the full coverage pieces wrap the body in an undeniable warmth and mystery.

Yet, it is the collection’s footwear that perhaps most vividly encapsulates the ethos of this season. Shoes have always been a pivotal element of the Ferragamo identity, and season is no exception. The reinterpretation of the cage shoe in a subdued yet striking dusty pink satin speaks volumes of the brand’s ability to innovate while paying homage to its storied past. Alongside, the voluminous shearling footwear pieces stand as a bold declaration of luxury and comfort, merging the aesthetic with the practical.

The experimentation does not stop at texture and form; it extends into the very essence of how the body interacts with what it wears. The overt play between concealment and exposure, the dance of visibility with the fabric, challenges and invites the audience to perceive fashion as a dynamic form of expression that transcends traditional boundaries.

Davis’s ability to intertwine his roots with the Ferragamo heritage, push the boundaries of conventional fashion narratives. The collection in its essence encapsulates what fashion should always be: not just seen, but felt.