Fabien Dendiével was born in Paris : as a lonely child, he kept himself busy with drawing futuristic urban panoramas and joined the Louvre art school. At the same time, his father introduced him to film photography and Fabien trained as an autodidact.

His practice intensifies when he switches to medium format camera, mastering the light and the frame of his subject as closely as possible. Empty spaces and stripped-down compositions are his favorite exercise, as a method to enhance showing the invisible.

Whether it’s the great outdoors of the American West or modern architecture, he treats the composition of his shot like a scene in a movie, waiting for the light to reveal the best of the scenery. Fabien’s work remains confidential for some time until he finally decides to produce and sell large format prints in 2019.

About Sultanat of Oman – words by Fabien Dendiével:

This serie was taken in the Sultanate of Oman in January 2020, during a 14 day roadtrip.

At first, it was just another vacation on the other side of the world, but as he dares himself off the beaten track, Fabien started to seize with his analog medium format the scraps of desert landscapes, some segment of dismanteled roads, weird buildings of variate shapes, shining bright in the dust, like rough gems, waiting for the film to grasp their beauty : the travel then mutated in a photographic pilgrimage, sentencing the light as a revealer of the raw magnificence of Oman’s architecture and untouched nature.