Magnitude is all about splinters and fractures. Splinters, which magnitude measures without unit in astronomy. And fractures, which the same magnitude measures in seismology to deduce the energy expended by earthquakes. These photos, fragments of time, stand between these worlds, at an indistinct crossroads between sky and earth, where energy strikes with both force and gentleness.
Constance evolves and moves in this artificial, dreamlike, matrix-like universe. As if levitating, she lets us capture the essence of her inner being, which escapes from these wide spaces of emptiness to illuminate what surrounds her, like a brilliant, lonely star.
Constance also embodies a singular generation that, more than ever before, allows itself not only to create its own worlds, but above all to live, develop and express itself within them. The paradox of our times is that, while the world fragments and destroys itself, it also divides, opening the door to countless new possibilities, new creations and new paths.