Erli Grünzweil was born in 1992 in Austria and is based in Vienna. He studies Applied Photography and Time-based Media at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and works as a Photographer and Graphic Designer. His work lies at the intersection of observational and staged photography.

Grünzweil is questioning the medium itself through bringing it to its boundaries—the boundaries of lens-based and computer-generated pictures, static and moving images, fact and fiction, fine art and applied photography. The outcome is hybrids, which seemingly show ordinary situations or random things, but through aesthetics, types of image production and content it goes deeper and addresses social, political and personal matters.
By combining images in a new order and a new context, new substance can emerge. Through the surface more profound and inner content can be shown—the absent, the not pictured becomes the subject of these images, so the superficiality can be overcome.

About ‘Beatriz’ – words by Erli Grünzweil:

She closed her eyes, reopened them and witnessed it. In the search for truth and reason she finds herself in a new, undiscovered world. A world, so beautiful that word and pictures won’t do it justice – colorful, lovely and complex. Things that were long forgotten and repressed, slumber deep inside her self-made universe. On the quest of truth, she finds herself again in this strange, fantastic, and scary place, a microcosm that merges all personal events, experiences and conflicts into one point.

“Beatriz” deals with the forgotten, unconscious and mysterious. Inspired by „The Aleph“ by Jorges Luis Borges, the body of work tries to visualize the edge between reality and imagination. The viewer embarks on a journey into a fantastic world of imagination – a world that can’t be described or visualized – a journey for a reason, god or one’s self.