Edouard Sepulchre is a french photographer, born and based in Paris. After studying psychology and working in advertising for a decade, he decided to dedicate himself to photography. His first projects focused on communities on wheels (roller derby, old school cyclists, bikers, rodeo car). Over time, his documentary interest has evolved into topics such as American west (A Month in the West, Looking for America) and arid landscapes (Dryland).

About Dry Land – words by Edouard Sepulchre:

For six months, I cycled through the arid lands of the Maghreb and the Middle East with the idea of recreating a world from the landscapes and characters I met there. The American West is at the heart of my fascination with deserts and dry places. A territory paradoxically empty but rich in symbols. There everything reminds me of the unfinished, the in-between. Everything is being built. The desert gives the impression of being like a god. Its silence and emptiness give way to a projection space – you can create any world you want, especially by bicycle because you move at the right speed, like a travelling camera.