Dylan Pf dreams of a strange and alternative world but similar to the real one

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Dylan Pf (born 1995, Wollongong) Studied Photography and Literature at the University of Wollongong, and lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

He looks to document things that are at risk of disappearing or to draw attention to how strange and beautiful things in the world can be, but he’s also interested in how photographs can show the world so differently from how we see and experience it. He likes how colors can shift, perspectives warp and distort, and textures and details appear and disappear either on their own or in post-production. He hopes to continue to explore the relationship between life as we experience it, life as we dream it, and life as we choose to convey it to others through different forms of art.

About Odd World – words by Dylan Pf:

The images in Odd World were made around the time that I moved from the town that I grew up in, to Sydney. Where I grew up has changed a lot, but really everywhere seems to be changing so quickly. Sometimes I see something from a car window or a train and think it’s worth photographing, but by the time I get around to seeking it out, whatever it was is completely gone. This is sad but it’s also just life. Everything is fluid and must change. And different realities superimpose one over the other—the memory of what was, the reality of what is, the imagining of what could have been, and the alternate realities that we create and convey through art. The older I get the more I think about dreams and how they fit into and shape our lives. Some say that we sleep a third of our lives away, as if that means that this time is lost, but sleep is not always devoid of experience. It can be a mysterious alternate reality fueled by material from our waking lives, and it also has the ability to influence our lives too. I sometimes spend mornings in a state of dream hangover—overwhelmed by feelings that were conjured by dreams from the night before, trying to make sense of the residual emotions, and digesting things from that other world to see where they may fit into this one. Photography as a tool seems inherently linked to this way of trying to understand the relationship between the world of our dreams and the world of waking life. Like dreams, photographs offer us a view of a world that appears in many ways similar to our own, but is oftentimes a little bit odd.

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13 September 2021
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