Drew Sangria is an emerging American artist based in Sacramento, CA. He is currently interested in exploring the medium of photography as a fine art form. His work falls within the realm of documentary with an emphasis on creating a subjective vision of the world around him. Through photographing, Sangria seeks moments of revelation and later strives to identify relationships between the dissimilar events he photographs.

About ‘Survival’ – words by Drew Sangria:

Survival is an investigation into desire and the inability to achieve favorable results due to life’s various restraints. Whether self inflicted or environmental, these factors are something I have been interested in exploring. Through ambiguous and often times ominous imagery my goal is to create a fictional dystopian world open to interpretation. Some themes addressed within this work include class, vulnerability, longing, and the human condition in relation to the one thing we all have in common, the will to survive. I aspire to create images that transcend their literal description through the use of metaphors that have the ability to facilitate connections and parallels throughout. With this project I hope to draw the viewer in close to only refuse them in hopes of creating a desire for understanding that garners further engagement of the work.