The place where they belong: Didem Ercan plays with objects and contexts

Didem Ercan Muaf 09

Didem Ercan is a Turkish photographer born in 1992 and he is currently studying  History of Arts in Turkey.

Didem Ercan Muaf 05

About ‘Muaf’:

I am aiming to attract the audience by bringing the object-space-focused photographs and objects together in a new context.

Photographs in this series represent efforts to preserve the independence they have gained in the places they are now belonging to, who have been freed from their identity or subjected to external influences. While struggling to keep this situation stable, each one tries to draw attention to being exempted from the prestige they have until now.

Didem Ercan Muaf 07

Didem Ercan Muaf 04

Didem Ercan Muaf 03

Didem Ercan Muaf 02

Didem Ercan Muaf 01

Didem Ercan Muaf 08

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21 February 2017
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