Dennis Eichmann (b. 1989 in Germany) works as a freelance photographer and multi-disciplinary artist in Berlin. He has studied Fine Arts and Fashion Design in Berlin, Kiel, and Vienna which has earned him one Master’s and two Bachelor’s degrees.
His photographic work revolves around the idea of the New Topographics, documenting a human- made world without humans in the actual pictures. By taking a closer look at mundane situations his photography evokes feelings of melancholy, absence, and solitude.

Always asking the question: ”What would a world without humans look like, what would we leave behind?” His photography is all analog thus giving his work a nostalgic look and feel.
Most recently he delved into the intersection of ceramic works, flower arrangements and still life photography.

Amongst others, his work has been featured in Kaltblut, Uncertain Magazine, Brigitte, Tmrw Magazine, Ambivalence Magazine and Luna Collective Mag.

About Poles – words by Dennis Eichmann:

This project is an ever-growing collection of photographs featuring visually similar objects.
It displays large vertical structures whether they are organic like trees or human-made like metal rods. They all share the same traits of a long, slender appearance, thus creating a unique image composition, almost cutting the image in two.

The idea of ”same, same but different” is a reoccurring theme in my work. I’m constantly looking for similarities when photographing or while going through my archive.
When I’m browsing through my work, I tend to notice re-appearing themes, which I will eventually turn into a new project.

The Poles project has evolved naturally over time, rather than having started with a concrete plan to photograph these objects. Not only are these structures visually similar, but they also share certain features like being so thin that they could easily be overlooked, but are so tall that they grab your attention right away and lead your gaze upwards. Being so distinct-looking, they are almost like an exclamation mark in the landscape!