Denise Cárabez reflects on geographical coordinates found in nature


Denise Cárabez was born in México and now works as a photographer, videographer and producer in Barcelona, a city with which she fell in love. She mainly shoots film photography and her heart beats for nature and humans. Travelling inspires her the most.

About ‘Mapa abierto’ – words by Denise Cárabez:

I was recently invited to exhibit a photo series in Hannover, Germany. The installation was curated by Eduardo Villanueva & shot by myself as a collaboration of a poetic and a visual language.

“Maps guide us and give us the coordinates to know where we are and where we are going to.
The journey lies between the unknown, the desert, the forest and the beach. There are reference points that remind us just how close we are from the earth, and how, without even noticing, we feed from the sun. Oranges and greens, circular movements, the earth and everything repeating once and again. A constant cycle of dying and being born. Hand in hand together and that drop of water that recognises the rock. We are not really here. Nature.”

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9 October 2019
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