Davide Maria Palusa and wind-generated instability

Davide Maria Palusa Elogio All’azione Silenziosa C41magazine Photography 2

Davide Maria Palusa (Trieste, Italy, 1989) is a visual artist who works with photography. He graduated in Photography and Visual Narration at APAB in Florence and at the same time worked as a photographer assistant. He completed his studies with a Master in Architecture Photography at Spazio Labo in Bologna. His research focuses on the representation of space, observing the connections between environment and architecture to giving life to new atmospheres.

About Elogio all’azione silenziosa – words by Michela Coslovich:

“Elogio all’azione silenziosa” is a celebration of the wind and its immateriality.
We are in front of a fragmented natural reality, conceptually and physically, in order to make visible an act that is invisible itself. The instability generated by the wind is represented as a motionless fall, a paradox based on the abstraction of air. The dialogue between the photographs invites us to think about a wind that creates, modifies, supports and cancels.

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22 October 2021
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