Davide Cerretini strolls through a workers’ village at dusk

Davide Cerretini Terra Di Provincia Photography 4

This is an unpublished project premiered today on C41 Magazine.

Davide Cerretini is a photographer and darkroom technician living in Tuscany, Italy.
His strong passion for philosophy makes his personal projects deeply connect to an investigation of the society he lives in and the relationship between humans and landscape.

He is now managing, with some volunteers, a no-profit social darkroom in his hometown, in order to keep traditional photographic crafts alive.

About ‘Terra di Provincia’ – words by Davide Cerretini:

 “Terra di Provincia” is a photographic project about Villaggio Piaggio, a workers’ village built in the 1930s in my hometown. The body of work, which would like to simulate a simple walk through the streets of this “city within the city”, actually aims to create a sort of tension in the mind of the spectator.

If on the one hand, this place tends to refer to a deeply fascist architecture, on the other it can only arouse nostalgia for a city so structurally built on a human scale. And it is here in this deep fracture that the project goes on different tones from those of a walk in the summer twilight warmth. We find ourselves immersed in what appears to be a film set about a past so far from post-modernism that is our home. These streets and deserted spaces are already history, and the question which revolves around a bar should make our tenderness. arise

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28 October 2020
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