Daria Piskareva collects motionless nostalgia from what remains

Daria Piskareva The Rudiment 5

Daria Piskareva doesn’t define herself  a photographer. She’s a 30 years old girl from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. In her everyday life she works as an accountant, but photography is her way to escape from routine. She says it’s her only creative output, but it’s enough to open up a bright window on her inner self.

Her gaze is poetical and suspended as if she’s waiting for something to happen while contemplating the motionless world around her.

About ‘The Rudiment’ – words by Daria Piskareva:  

‘The Rudiment’ is about the things that eventually disappear from our everyday life, becoming irrelevant or getting old. Every time I saw things like that, whether it was some dump or dusty bookshelves in my friends’ houses, they evoked a warm feeling of nostalgia inside me. Maybe it’s just my way of reflecting on the past and coming to terms with one generation being replaced by another right before my eyes.

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24 March 2020
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