Cutted Clouds is a research path on polyurethane foam with the aim of merging shape, structure and technology in a single-material product. Rethinking the way sofas and upholstered furniture are designed. Three layers of polyurethane foam with different densities and lift provide structure, performance and comfort. Produced only by operating single horizontal blade cuts, a research project with the aim of simplifying and making cleaner this type of object. Minimizing industrial processing means knowing how to transform limits into opportunities full of meaning. The functions of structure, comfort, and lightness are distinguishable within a single material, that’s why single-materiality becomes an added value. Using material technology to create a scalable and adaptable method. Cutted Clouds is a lean and manageable system, where the shape is a consequence of the production processes. Cutted Clouds is, in conclusion, synonymous with simplicity.

Alecio Ferrari captured the soul of the project by translating it into suggestive images, in which a halo of movement surrounds and mistify each subject. He sees Cutted Clouds sofa as “a bold piece of furniture that will last over time”. During the research phase, the goal was immediately clear: he wanted to tell the story of a future icon. “Its three-dimensional presence stands out in space. The shape seems etched into the foam:  it starts from a solid cube and it evolves into a very ambitious form. The sensuality of the model’s body plays with the roundness of the backrest. Light is a common thread that enhances the 60’s (space age) lines of the sofa with a warm and retro soul. The glow effect symbolises the trail to the future of a timeless product.”

Cutted Clouds is a project by Studio Finemateria. One of his founders, Gianluca Sigismondi, states that it is one of the projects that best represent the values of the studio and that’s why they decided to enhance it even more with an edgy shooting. “It’s been a long time since we and Alecio wanted to work together and this project has finally created the right situation to do it. The shooting is also a relaxing moment of confrontation where you have to find the right synergy, we are all peers who have Milan in their hearts, it is important to create bonds between people who value each other.”

Finemateria is a design studio interested in creating intense ideas, emotions and memory in relationship with materials. The aim of the studio is to visualize processes, cultures, and materials to tell a story that leaves a message. Considering the form as the materialization of the idea, whether it be a product, research, an exhibition or a space. Finemateria deals with self-made works and client requests, from product and spatial design through consulting. Stefano Bassan and Gianluca Sigismondi founded the studio in 2020 after several collaborations, started during university and consolidated in a different design studio. They show the strength of the material-experimental process while enhancing the sensorial aspect inherent in each project.