Courtney Allen is an American photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. In 2014, she co-founded Austin, TX-based curatorial project and art gallery, Magic the Gallery. She received a BS in Photojournalism from Boston University in 2010. Her work has been featured in Rental Magazine, Fields Magazine, and Conflict of Interest, among others.

About Outside, the natural world was enjoying a moment of total strength – words by Courtney Allen:

Borrowing its title from Anne Carson’s novel The Autobiography of Red, Outside, the natural world was enjoying a moment of total strength is an ongoing series documenting the dialogue between sightseers and “the natural world.”

What counts as the “natural world” is getting smaller and smaller. Human influence has come to dominate our climate and environment so much that it can now be identified as a distinct layer in the geological record. Ecotourism and the “natural” experiences it promises are more accessible than ever before.

We, as travelers and as sightseers, still seek out idyllic wonders, whether they be the Grand Canyon or the most photographed barn in America. What is the dialogue that we have with these sights? And how do we set out for authentic experiences without destroying the very experience we believe is authentic? This series is an attempt to document, with reverence, the tenor of those interactions.