Conor Beary (London 1989) studied Sociology in Liverpool where he gained an interest for documenting different subcultures in society. After a period of travelling and working abroad for several groups in International Development he started taking pictures and on returning to the UK started a career in photography. Mainly focusing on documentary photography he also works as a commercial photographer.

A member of the street photography collective Full Frontal Flash, Conor’s work has been published in a number of publications including New York Times, Financial Times, VICE, It’s Nice That, GUP Magazine, WIRED & Hunger Magazine. His work has been exhibited in Bangkok, London & Iserlohn

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About ‘Gypsies’:

His project Gypsies looks at the Gypsy & Traveller community in the UK. It is a long running project that looks at a fiercely marginalised community that are often depicted in a negative aspect in the media. The aim of the project aims to look at the real/ more mundane aspects of the community rather than the hyper exaggerated idea of the gypsy community that are often talked about. 

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