Anna Carniel and Luca Strano met in Milan and started a conversation about fashion and landscape. During her trip to London, Anna visited his studio to create some images in collaboration. The result is a balanced mix of clothing, people and landscape of the industrial area of Luca’s reclaimed artist space in London. “My photography is set in the present. I live in London where the city pushes artists to find studios by the city boundaries. Those are often reclaimed spaces which last a few years. I am fascinated by this scenario so me and Anna decided to combine elements of fashion and landscape”

Luca Strano is a photographer based in London. His images are simple, calm and evocative of his interest in the present moment. In his practice he combines personal and commissioned work, maintaining a documentary approach towards his subjects. Anna Carniel is based in Milan and works on creative projects as an Art Director and Stylist. After graduating in Fashion Design from the IUAV in Venice, she specialised in communication, ranging from fashion to other areas of design.