Cleo Goossens (1991) is a photographer based in The Netherlands.

Cleo is inspired by the way people relate to and act in certain situations. She is interested in the traditions and rituals they hold on to. This fascination lead to her photography series ‘Blue’ where she portrays visitors of the Dodger stadium in Los Angeles during baseball games. Wherever Cleo goes, she captures the feeling of timelessness, a sense of recognition and nostalgia.

In 2020, she self-published her first photobook ‘Route de Soleil’: an ode to love. She works on both personal and commissioned assignments and has worked for international clients such as Sight Unseen, i-D, Nomad Magazine, Dutch Design Week & PSV.

About ‘Route du Soleil‘ – words by Cleo Goossens:

Photography gives Cleo something to hold on to. For over a decade she has been looking for timelessness in various subjects like landscapes, people, architecture and objects. Ever since the sudden passing of her dad ten years ago, photography has been Cleo’s way of dealing with loss.

Together with her partner Steven she traveled to many different countries, always photographing. These photographs eventually turned into her photobook “Route du Soleil”, it tells the story of the last decade seen through her eyes. A decade spent together with her partner Steven, but the release of the book also marks a decade without her father. This book is her ode to love.

The relationship between her parents is a true inspiration, the title of the book refers to the place where it all started. “In 1981 my parents drove the Route du Soleil in their canary yellow Renault 4 and by chance stopped in a little village called Bedoin, located at the foot of the Mont Ventoux. This was their first holiday together.

This place became a favorite, beloved holiday destination for our family. Almost every year we drove the Route du Soleil with our tents packed in the back of our car”.

The photographs inside this book were taken all over the world. From her home in the Netherlands to desolate landscapes in California and Morocco to a baseball game in Los Angeles. Also, her muse Jip Boxstart is a common passant in her work.

“As I travelled around and captured all of these moments, I thought about the fact that my father had never been on an airplane. He preferred to travel in his mind or behind his grand piano while playing Bach’s fugues”

Now, when traveling is impossible, we turn to our imagination. With her photobook “Route du Soleil” Cleo unintentionally hit the spot. The photographs invite you to travel inside your head, using your imagination. This feels more relevant now than ever.