HOMEWORK, the intimate journey of Claudia Zalla


Claudia Zalla, photographer originally from Treviso, lives and works in Milan.

Her personal research is linked to the urban landscape and the account of reality; her shots are born out of the precise will of representing space in its aesthetic and narrative form, turning apparently insignificant details into the protagonists of a narration of the everyday. She applies this approach also to her editorial and commercial work: through the years, she focused on still life and interior shots, collaborating with various magazines, brands and creative realities in the world of fashion and design.

About Homework

Homework is a visual project by the photographer Claudia Zalla.

It gathers 50 shots created between March and May 2020 when, almost unconsciously, we were about to live through one of the most absurd and unprecedented times in history.

Forced inside like everyone else and isolated in her apartment in Milan, Claudia started shooting three objects every day, each representing three actions that had happened that day, bringing to life a sort of intimate and domestic daily journal.

The project initially started as a daily Instagram diary, was then translated into a publication – today in its second edition – and subsequently became, with this exhibition, a material narrative within the walls of Marsèll Paradise. It is a journey that is intimate and collective at the same time, capable of penetrating our own experience whilst telling us about the artist and her intimacy; her will power to stick to such a rigid, and often not easy, routine, as well as the bright and cheerful gaze that defines her view of the surrounding world.

Event details

a project by Claudia Zalla
curated by Federica Sala

19 October 2021
6-9 pm

On View
20-29 October 2021
Mon-Fri 10 am -1 pm / 3-7 pm
Sat 3-7 pm

Marsèll Paradise
Via Privata Rezia, 2 Milano

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18 October 2021
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