Ciara J Alberts is an artist currently based in Portland, Oregon. Her practice is invested in ideas of entertainment, consumption and the environments which is connected to. Her work is continually searching for the poetic friction within these topics and the different modes of representing them using photography. Most recently her work been exhibited at Black Box Gallery, Newspace Center for Photography, Blue Sky Gallery, and the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

About ‘Approximated Sunlight’:

With over 350 days of sunshine a year, Yuma is a place governed by the sun. The at times unbearable dry heat has deeply affected the way the community gathers in this small Arizona town. Usually too hot to venture outside of an air conditioned house or car, people have turned insular and disconnected from one another. The suns strength is woven into the vernacular of the city as well.

Clear, direct light bleaches the buildings and mutes all tones into the most neutral shade of beige, mimicking its Sonoran desert surroundings. Reflective silver surfaces can be found in the windows of homes, cars and businesses, desperately trying to keep the sun at bay. Yuma is the sunniest city on earth but in turn the sun itself has become an almost oppressive force. Its impact and control can be found woven throughout the landscape, culture and community.

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