Born in 1994 in France, Chloé Milos Azzopardi graduated in fine arts. They work between Paris and Catalunya on long term projects mixing installation, photography and edition. In their practice they are interested in many subjects such as astrophysics, epigenetics or the deconstruction of gender… Their approach to photography and science is experimental.

Their work has been shown in Shanghai, Arles and Barcelona and published in several magazines.

About ‘Kind of ghosts’ – words by Chloé Milos Azzopardi:

«Kind of ghosts» is a chapter from the series “Forms they inhabit in time of crisis”. This work is rooted in Chloe Milos Azzopardi’s early experience of depersonalization disorder. Marked by the regular disconnection with their body, losing their sensations and boundaries, the photographer got used to imagine the perception of the surrounding livings. Projecting themselves in animals, plants or objects. The first sentence from Ovid’s Metamorphoses resonated with their experience.

“I want to say the forms turned into new bodies”

It suggests that forms came before bodies, being at the same time their origin and their mutations. In Western philosophy we have done everything to distinguish human from animal, nature from culture, to the point that we thought we were outside of the sphere of the living things. Based on this observation, Chloé Milos Azzopardi attempted to explore the relationships between human and non-human beings without going through a prism of utility or servitude, looking instead for the common shapes that go through us, trying to redefine what otherness, individuality and plurality can mean when the bodies’ limits are challenged.

« Kind of ghosts » is a chapter focusing mainly on the feeling of disappearance linked to depersonalization disorder.