“Indeed, I used artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, to generate a tale based on the fashion-themed staging.”, says photographer Jeanne Lucas. From this foundation, she and the creative team injected our sensibility and creativity to bring this story to life and reclaim the narrative.

The objective of this series is firstly to challenge the usual codes of fashion through the symbols inherent in storytelling. Secondly, it aims to demonstrate that the fear of creatives being replaced by artificial intelligence is not entirely justified. Designing a concept alone is not enough to materialize it. It is also essential to assemble numerous other elements and draw upon diverse talents to bring an image to life. In this process, the crucial role of the creative manifests itself.

As such, ChatGPT becomes a valuable tool rather than an absolute master, highlighting the harmonious collaboration between artificial intelligence and human creative abilities. Human imagination and interpretation bring a unique value to each creation, thus enriching the final result. This series questions the conventions of fashion and luxury while pushing the boundaries of her artistic practice.