“Barzizza is a hamlet in the municipality of Gandino, in the province of Bergamo. The village is very small, with about 1200 inhabitants, distributed among a few houses in the narrow streets and sloping meadows. Among them is the home of Beatrice’s family. Bea is the eldest of Mrs Lucia’s eight grandchildren. They all live together with their grandmother, parents, aunt and uncle and their dog Spritz in a three-storey house. When we photographed them, they hosted us with warmth, smiles and lunch cooked for everyone by their grandmother.” (Carmen Colombo and Anna Carniel)

Carmen Colombo was born in a village in the province of Monza. After obtaining a diploma in Photography and Visual Arts, she moved to Milan. She works as a freelance photographer in the field of commercial photography and at the same time she dedicates herself to the development of her personal portfolio.

Freelance based in Milan, Anna Carniel works on creative projects as an Art Director and Stylist. After graduating in Fashion Design from the IUAV in Venice, she specialised in communication, ranging from fashion to other areas of design.