Carlo Maria Silletti finds himself in a city suspended in time

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Carlo Maria Silletti was born in Taranto in 1996 but the city where he grew up in Policoro, in the province of Matera. He started photographing about 3 years ago, but he was not aware of how much depth was hidden behind a shot. In the last year, he has begun to work in analog, whose “slowness” is indispensable merit that helps him to operate in the perspective of planning.

About ‘Time Town Pieces’ – words by Carlo Maria Silletti:

Through this small project completed last Summer, I pursued the goal of portraying my hometown, or rather some places that have represented or still represent part of my life, putting myself in a position to be able to see everything just like when I was a child. Using the photographic medium as a mere expedient to observe the buildings and everything that surrounded me with “a newfound view”, I chose the warm summer light to somehow recreate the image formed in me of my city: a point in space completely suspended in time.

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30 November 2020
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