Carla Oset (Barcelona, 1985) is an Spanish photographer based in Madrid. She studied Graphic Design at Elisava School and Art Photography at “Escola d’Art Serra i Abella”. She had a special mention in the Roberto Villagraz Scholarship to study a Master degree in “Contemporary Photography and Personal Projects”  at EFTI.

Her projects share the same common denominator: the artist’s interest in people’s relationship with our society and environment. This theme is evident in most of her works from an emotional point of view: how we behave with our environment, how our culture influences us, how nature and urbanism affect our moods and emotions. As a result, Carla’s works convey a feeling of stillness and a moment of reflection with what surrounds us.

About Habitat – words by Carla Oset:

Habitat is an introspective journey in search of a place of our own. It was born from the need to connect with our essence and from the search for it. This project consists of a series of images as a personal diary, based on the trip as an experience while reflecting on where we leave nature and how we relate to it. In a journey in which we lose ourselves, we isolate ourselves, we disconnect and reconnect, we observe and we are observed… nature takes its voice and seeks to fit into habitats that do not belong to it, our gaze delights in longed-for spaces and our exiled bodies seek to find elements that make them feel at home.