C41 Questions On with Ze in the Clouds: Life and Reactions after Covid-19

Questions On is a video interview format created by C41. Three are the ‘simple’ questions asked to our network friends, partners and creative minds. They tackle the current situation: How do they see their future, what kind of changes do they expect and how they are going to react to this unusual situation that we are living these days?

The twelwth episode is with Ze in the Clouds. Jazz pianist, born in 1999, recognized by critics as one of the most talented musicians of his generation. In 2019 he launches the new Ze in the Clouds project. He is currently focused on the production of a new surprising album.

You can watch the interview on the C41 YouTube channel and also read it below.

1. Future — How do you feel about your future when everything will be back to normal?

I believe that in order to answer this question it’s first of all essential to ask ourselves which one will normality be, therefore who will want to initially go out, because in the past months so many things have radically changed for each of us in the great and the small. Even before, we need to ask ourselves who will be actually able to afford getting out at first, because during the quarantine months in any kind of sector, at any level there have been disastrous economic losses. Who knows, normality could also become performing online, for example. In the past period many platforms have given the opportunity to take part in festivals, exhibitions, concerts and much more, everything in streaming and personally I hope this is the least likely hypothesis. That said, I see a future full of art and creativity because after a crisis we have to hope for a rebirth and I’m sure that there are a bunch of artists who will want to assert their desires and make felt and that above all their need to do what they live for.

2. Change — What kind of changes will affect society, work environment and world itself?

I have no idea of how they will change and eventually evolve but I am hopeful that each of us will have developed new ideas, new philosophies and new starting points for the moment in which it will be possible to live in a normal world again.

3. Reactions — What are your reactions to this essential process of adaptation?

I think that the most important thing is to adapt. At the moment we don’t even know when we will be able to go back to a normal way of living, to be back working and even just to gather among people, among friends. But I’m sure that somehow we will do it, somehow we will adapt because things have to change always and anyway. They can change for the better or change for the worse but things change and if man is intelligent he adapts


Featuring: Ze in the Clouds @ze_intheclouds

Curated by Riccardo Fantoni Montana, Luca A. Caizzi, Barbara Guieu
Words: Riccardo Fantoni Montana, Stefania Zanetti
Editing: Vittoria Elena Simone
Line production: Alice De Santis
Thanks to: Alessandro De Agostini, Robin Stauder

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21 May 2020
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