C41 Questions On with Tang Ting: Life and Reactions after Covid-19

Questions On is the new video interview format created by C41. Three are the ‘simple’ questions asked to our network friends, partners and creative minds. They tackle the current situation: how do they see their future, what kind of changes do they expect and how they are going to react to this unusual situation that we are living these days?

The seventh episode is with Tang Ting, Chinese photographer, from FuJian, currently based in Milan where she studies photography at IED, Istituto Europeo di Design. Her brief interview, recorded in Italian, shows a brilliant point of view on the current situation and, despite her young age, she provides a good focus on what is going on nowadays.

You can watch it on the C41 YouTube channel and also read it below.

1. Future — How do you feel about your future when everything will be back to normal?

As soon as this epidemic increases the power of anti-globalization, in addition to its influence on the economy and politics, I believe it will also make cultural communication more difficult. If there is already a certain prejudice, I am a little worried that this prejudice will increase regardless of where you come from. So, as a photographer, I hope that my work could reduce the distance between us, improving the mutual understanding.

2. Change — What kind of changes will affect society, work environment and world itself?

In the past, change was a part of life but now change is life itself. As a person living between China and Italy, over this dark period, I heard the bad news almost every day. So, for me, even if the aliens will appear tomorrow, I won’t be surprised. It will be solved by facing life with more calm and rationality.

3. Reactions — What are your reactions to this essential process of adaptation?

Until the end of this historical period I believe that form was the model of the world. There will be a great change, we will live in a very different world and we will also change our habits. I don’t know… this is unimaginable but I hope that our future will be brilliant


Featuring: Tang Ting @tlity

Curated by Riccardo Fantoni Montana, Luca A. Caizzi, Barbara Guieu
Words: Riccardo Fantoni Montana, Stefania Zanetti
Editing: Vittoria Elena Simone
Line production: Alice De Santis
Thanks to: Alessandro De Agostini, Robin Stauder

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1 May 2020
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