Kalkidan Sala regards her group of friends as a second family

Questions On is the video interview format created by C41. Three “simple” questions that we asked the young protagonists of the film Slow Dance, Fast Wheels, a true story by C41 for adidas Originals.

The third episode is with Kalki. Kalki is a 20-year old girl with a passion for photography and drowing.

You can watch it on the C41 YouTube channel and also read it below.

How important is connection to you in this historical period? You can talk to us about connection in technological terms or in terms of interpersonal relationships. How has your way of connecting to people changed? What happened in MC (Milano Centrale), what happens in the squares where you meet, where do you skate?

During the pandemic, the connection was, in my opinion, on the one hand, a fortune and on the other a misfortune. It was a positive thing because in any case, it allowed us to stay in touch with our loved ones, our relatives, our friends, and especially in the workplace and at school. While it was negative on the one hand because we were locked up at home in front of a computer or a phone practically every day and we practically did not live a year and a half of life away from home in which many things could probably happen. Before this situation I never thought that the telephone was a fundamental element in my life  and I think that I learned this thing with the MC guys who are guys of various ages, of almost all different nationalities, and who more who less with a very open-minded. They live in the square of MC, they consider it as a home.

Milan is an incredible city and even in this difficult time it tries to react with all the creativity that distinguishes it. What do you think of the city that hosts you? Would you like to live elsewhere? And why?

I have lived in Milan for 16 years and I think that Milan is a beautiful city, I believe it is a city full of values, values that have been fully demonstrated during this pandemic. I always thought that I would have lived my life here in Milan, I would like Milan to be the city where I would build my home and my future life

Are we all running in search of balance, of a slower life? Do you consider yourself a person fit to run or a more thoughtful person?

I am convinced that each of us wants to achieve a balance in their lives between ups and downs, however everyone sets it as a goal. I am a very reflective person so to make a decision maybe it takes me a longer time than others, so probably when I arrive, and if I get to have this balance in my life it will take enough time

Featuring: Kalki @kalkii_sala

Curated by Alice De Santis, Luca A. Caizzi
Editor: Elena Ottavi

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20 February 2021
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