C41 Magazine issue 9 Eros is out now. 300 pages of erotic imaginaries

C41 Magazine Issue 9 Luca A Caizzi

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Issue 9 Eros has been officially released on November 15th. On that occasion, we had a launch event in Amsterdam, at SEXYLAND, an unconventional location in the NDSM district, a new  Amsterdam area that is looking towards the future. “But why Amsterdam?” – some of you asked. Because C41 Studio and K48 production, our partner production company, merged together for a new european adventure and created C41 Creative Production Company, based in Amsterdam.

C41 Magazine is entering a new era as well: we are facing North, we are facing Europe, and we are so close to our issue 10. We can feel the positive vibes and we are looking forward to open up new perspectives and seize new editorial opportunities.

Words by Riccardo Fantoni Montana:

The theme of C41 Magazine issue 9 is Eros. It is an ultra-contemporary theme if we see it from the perspective of eroticism and censorship on social networks – for instance – but at the same time eros is the most classic topic since the human being has acquired self conscience and started creating the very first form of artistic creation, here on planet earth.

Between these two extreme visions, and right in a time hiatus of a few thousand years, we can dig up literally everything. Therefore, it is not easy to give a single and coherent vision on this particular theme, but in these 300 pages of our magazine we have selected and collected the projects that most fascinated us and that treated eros in a unique way, some more explicitly envisioned with no censorship filters whatsoever, some others more as a background impulse to images and extraordinary stories that have caught our attention. Each with its own value.

We must say that this will most likely be the last issue of C41 Magazine with an extremely visual and personal research approach, because from number 10 there will be a new editorial perspective and our working approach will totally change. This will be the time to start a new path together. Trust us, it is going to be awesome.
Issue 9 features the works of: Gab Bois, Mattia Greghi, Tania Franco Klein, Chiara Lombardi, Carlo Banfi, Jo Broughton, Synchrodogs, Can Sezer, Andrea Locci, Leone, Mickey Aloisio, Karen Asher, Salvatore Di Gregorio, Kensuke Koike, Caroline Tompkins, Katelin Arizmendi, General Life, Rebecca Ackroyd, Maria Valognes, Valentin Hennequin, Anna Adamo, Marco P. Valli.

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Riccardo Fantoni Montana
Published on
21 November 2019
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