C41 Magazine Issue 1: on the occasion of our first biannual edition, we are exploring the relationship between photography and noportrait. It is a whole, not a single intention; it is contemporary and not everyone knows to have captured one at least once in their lives. noportrait is our first theme, our excuse to show you all our real side.

DETAILS 82 pages, offset-printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper. Printed in Italy.
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Date of publication: December 15, 2015.

AUTHORS Olivier Van Breugel, Li-Hui, Anamaria Tatu, Carola Ducoli, Luke and Nick, Nirav Patel, Luca Galavotti, Jessica Tremp, Miqui Brightside, Igor Termenon, Dara Scully, Irina Munteanu, Marzena Skubatz, Fatma Gultekin, Dilayla Romeo, Edie Sunday, Andrea Passon, Petra Valenti, Jonathan Rochart, Francesco Frizzera, Cristina Coral, Häre Christian, Vittorio Ciccarelli, Costanza Gianquinto, Monique Malone, Can Dagarslani, Morrie & Oslo, Jonathan Fritz, Collectif PAÏEN, Osamu Yokonami, Lorenzo Pesce, Eylul Aslan, Sandra Lazzarini, Mélissa Juan, Clair Saint-Camille, Valeria Heine, Leire Galarza, Bianka Shumann, Elena Vaninetti, Charlie Engman, Angela Blumen, Nishe, Angex Lin, Viviana Levrino, Annette Pehrsson, Ôykü Ôge, Kübra Sağın, Lisa Smith, Germana Frattini, Christian Neuenschwander, Jeppy Mortellaro, Berber Theunissen, Giulia Madiai, Irene Yap, Mate Moro, Costanza Gianquinto, MissBean, Annelie Vandendael, Hanna Ukura.

COVER BY: Sandra Lazzarini